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Save Time. Save Money.

1st HR Source, Inc. Payroll Solutions provides the accuracy and control of an in-house payroll system on an outsourced basis. Choosing us will elevate efficiencies and allow you to focus on the core initiatives of your business.

1st HR Source, Inc. Payroll Solutions provides payroll processing and tax filing solutions to clients. We work in parternership with small and medium sized employers to outsource business support functions while maintaining the flexibility you desire at the service levels you demand. Find out which 1st HR Source, Inc. Payroll Solution is right for your company.

1st HR Source, Inc. Payroll Solutions includes calculating and filing your payroll taxes, providing unployment compensation management services, complying with new hire reporting regulations and making compliance with garnishment regulations more cost effecutive for your company.

Payroll functions include:

  • Laser Printed Payroll Checks
  • Direct Deposits and/or Pay Cards
  • In-House Staff Payroll at no additional cost
  • Annual W-2 processing
  • Accounting Services and Financial Statments
  • Paycheck Printing
  • Payroll Deductions
  • Tax Deductions
  • Payroll Management Tools
  • Tax Filing and Payments
  • Employee Self Service via the Web
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Audits
  • Third Party Vendor Payments

If you would like more information about 1st HR Source, Inc. Payroll Solutions, speak to a 1st HR Source Inc. Payroll Solutions representatives at 817-451-5100 or 1-855-451-5100.

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