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1st HR Source, Inc., is a minority and woman-owned Human Resource Outsourcing and Staffing firm.

We rely on proven skills to manage a client's Human Resources and Staffing needs. We clearly understand that when it comes to your staff and your Human Resources solutions there is absolutely no margin for error...

For this reason, we have carefully selected a group of partners that can quickly help you to substantially improve the management of your most valuable resource - your people!

Our promise is to help you succeed by providing top-notch professional assistance. You can depend on our expertise, perspective, and practical experience when we deliver customized solutions for your needs.


1st HR Source, Inc., is a full service Human Resources (HR) Oursourcing firm. By outsourcing Human Resources management to 1st HR Source, Inc., you will minimize your cost and risk in employment tax, compensation plans, employee benefits administration, and a wide range of other services. Outsourcing your Human Resources functions may replace numerous checks, forms, tasks, risks and hassles that confront you with your day-to-day HR functions.

By Outsourcing, you can focus on your core business objectives. You take care of your customers. 1st HR Source, Inc., professional services takes care of your people. 1st HR Source, Inc., gives you the advantages of outsourcing yet provides the stability and commitment needed in successful administration. 1st HR Source, Inc., team provides you with an expert on personnel and account management.


Temporary workers supplement our client's workforce to cover employee absences, temporary skill shortages, special assignments or projects of finite duration. The assignment length can range fron short-long term.

Temp - to - Hire

Temps are hired on a temporary basis with the understanding that if the person performs compently for a specific period they may receive an offer of regular employment.

We fill the following positions
*Information Technology
- Field Adjusters
- Inside Adjusters
- Claim Examiners
- Underwriters
- Processors
- Originators
*Social Media

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Employee compensation programs have a lot of pitfalls for employers. How do you ensure the program is equitable, fair, and consistently-applied? What type of employee compensation program is best?

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