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HR Source, Inc - Is a Human Resource Outsourcing(HRO), Payrolling, and Professional staffing Firm established in 2002 as a HR Source for local businesses. Our company quickly became a resource for others all across the country. We now serve 45 states.

We rely on proven skills to manage an organization's business needs. We clearly understand that when it comes to your organization there is absolutely no margin for error.

For this reason, we have carefully selected a group of partners that can quickly help you substantially improve the management of your most valuable resource - your people or those who support your team!

Our promise is to help you succeed by providing top-notch professional assistance. You can depend on our expertise, perspective, and practical experience when we deliver customized solutions for your needs.

1. Outsourcing

Outsourcing frees up in-house employees to focus on more important business. 1st HR Source, Inc. can help you with:

  • Human Resource Consultation and management
  • Payroll Processing and Management
  • Applicant Background Screening
  • On-line Candidate Skills Assessment
  • Staffing/Recruiting (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Training/Career Development

2. Staffing Solutions

When today's businesses seek temporary or permanent staff, workers must have the abilitty and proficiency to perform a job without missing a beat. We understand the need to identify skilled workers, and we can help. Our skills, other assessments and experience in the staffing industry will provide the best person for your employment needs-every time.

  • Traditional Temporary Help.
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Payrolling
  • On-line Candidate Skills Assessment
  • Staffing/Recruiting (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Training/Career Development


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Employee compensation programs have a lot of pitfalls for employers. How do you ensure the program is equitable, fair, and consistently-applied? What type of employee compensation program is best?

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